Saturday, July 07, 2007

9,999 -- Or Not 9,999?

... so, if Phillie Phan is thinkin' that the Phils blowing a 3-0 lead tonight (in a 6-3 loss) in Colorado (one night after blowing a 6-1 lead and losing, 7-6) is Phillies Loss No. 9,999, well ... Phillie Phan is wrong about the Phillies (again).

To reiterate: There exist greater forces at work than the geniuses and archivists and sabermaticians who are STILL quibbling as to whether the 1890 Phillies were 78-53 or 78-54.
The terms of our recent (friendly-but-firm) negotation could not have been more clear.
---> For those of us who were caught up in Loss No. 9,000 when it occurred in 1995 (according to the records which the Baseball Encyclopedia and the National League Green Book corroborated), we have conceded that Bandwagon American can HAVE the 9,955 losses it believes the Phillies had before the '07 season began
---> That's because the ACTUAL number was 9,990 -- because, "yes" ... 35 grueling postseason losses DO count (especially for those of us Phillie Phans who were born in the L.A. Basin and were persecuted and tormented by that fat, F-ing, worthless baseball anti-Christ named Tommy Lasorda ... the douchebag who puts the "ass" in "ambassador")

Loss No. 10,000 was almost three months ago, kids.
13 innings ... in RFK Stadium ... WP = Levale Speigner.

Howzat fit into your 53/54-loss paradigm for the 1890 Phillies?

Bottom line: It's the oldest axiom there is -- Phillie Phan is allowed to kick the Phillies.
We've earned that right.
Then, we're gonna go out and tip over the Badmouthers' Bandwagon ...

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