Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Champion Chestnut (Top Wiener Chomper)

The world's greatest hot-dog eating hero has made some of us soooooo proud to wear a San Jose State University sleeveless T around town.
Y'know ... with a victory of this magnitude, it might not be a bad idea to accessorize that SJSU sleeveless T with a yellow SJSU Spartans wristband.

SJSU's most-famous civil engineering student put the pedal to the metal and edged out Kobayashi, who punctuated his performance on Coney Island by spraying bystanders with a backwash of dog, bun and water a mere split-second before the final horn sounded.

Joey Chestnut's 66 dogs in 12 minutes not only shattered his own world record (set on Memorial Day) of 59-1/2 hot dogs, but shattered the Nathan's record of 53-3/4 set by Kobayashi last year.

And, as many of us proud SJSU Spartans do, Joe comported himself in a dignified manner on the postdog show ... when ESPN's Jimmy Dykes rammed a microphone in his face.
Joey did not mistake the microphone for a wiener.

Since watching Kobayashi ram that food in his face is a disgusting act, some of us switched over to NBC in mid-frankfurter frenzy to see Serena and Justine in an interesting Wimbledon quarterfinal.
Time might've been better served, however, watching Shittypova gettin' her ass kicked by Venus.
Not that we're pro-Venus ... but we are anti-MostOverratedThingInTennisInALongTime (AndDefinitelyNotThe JawDroppingBabushkaThatKournikovaWas/Is).

One of these days, instead of hot dogs, we're going to see a Marlboro smoke-off (we hope, we hope).
Makes ya wonder how many a guy could wolf down in 12 minutes.
Best guesstimate: More than three -- but less than 66 ...

And, it depends if we're using Pall Malls or not ...

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