Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hoak-ee Dokee

It seemed somehow fittingly ironic (that is, if "fittingly ironic" is an actual, graspable concept ... and if "graspable" is an actual word) that during the locker-room awards ceremony, it was Hall of Famer Bob Griese who handed the Lamar Hunt Trophy to Dan Rooney.
Before he handed over the hardware, Griese, like a pro, offered the token words of congratulations.
However, it might've been cool if Griese had handed off the trophy, grabbed the mike from Gumbel, glared at the camera and then gave a middle-finger salute while snarling, "This is for you, Denver ... because of what you did to my boy! My Brian's not good enough to win the big one? My boy was a Rose Bowl MVP! A Rose Bowl MVP, dammit! The only time Jake Plummer played in a Rose Bowl, somebody named Joe Germaine took the MVP away from him! My boy was a Rose Bowl MVP and Tom Brady was my boy's backup! So, Denver, you can cram it a mile high ..."

Agreed ... all of us roll our eyes every time we see/hear a Super Bowl montage and we see Elway and we hear Pat Bowlen's immortal words, "This ... one's ... for ... John!"
Yeah ... whatever.
Thank you, Joey Porter & Co. for sparing us the "This ... one's ... for ... Jake!" nightmare.
People forget that Denver was one Elway high-ankle sprain away from Bubby Brister barking out signals and leading the Buckin' Broncs to the Promised Land.
Bubby got that Super Bowl ring, so, as a Steeler fan ... WAIT!
Let's not lose focus. The Steelers' triumph at Invesco should be crowned with a big, fat "Good for Dick Hoak, dammit!"
Ten years (1961-70) as a running back for some of the sorriest Steeler teams ever ... now, he's in the midst of his 34th season as Steelers running-backs coach.
Not a bad coaching gig: 6 trips to the AFC Championship Game under Noll, 6 trips to the AFC Championship Game under Cowher, 6 trips to the Super Bowl.
Again ... good for Dick Hoak, dammit.

On the other hand, Dick Hoak's gotta be glad that he works with the offense and doesn't have to deal with the defense and players such as safety Chris Hope and d-lineman Chris Hoke.
Cowher sure coulda had some fun with some rookie ballboy.
"Go take this bag of footballs over to Coach Hoak."
And, thus, would've begun 15 minutes of Abbott & Costello schtick about "Hoak's On First?"
Coach Hoak?
Chris Hoke?
Chris Hope?

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