Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bearded Benny

Lo and behold, Steeler QBsWhoWearBeards are now 3-0 in AFC Championship Games. Bradshaw was growin' a beard when the Steelers advanced to their first Super Sunday ... no one can forget Neil O'Donnell's super-scruff from 10 years ago ... and, now, it's Big Ben.
Take that, Lectric Shave!
He's that big, goofy kid from Findlay, Ohio ... and he simply makes all the money throws. And, after a performance like today's, there's no doubt that during the postgame euphoria, Big Ben had a brief moment of quiet time and took care of some meaningful introspection.
"This is definitely better than when I was MVP of the GMAC Bowl." (which he was in Dec. '03 ... but, give the GMAC Bowl some props because LaDanian Tomlinson was the GMAC Bowl in Dec. '00)

Mrs. Pitchfork had a killer one-liner when she saw Ben making his way across the field to shake hands with Liquid Plummer -- when Ben suddenly removed the black ballcap he'd put on only moments earlier.
"He's saying to Plummer right now 'Want me to autograph my AFC Champions cap for you?' "
Good one, hun.
Mrs. Pitchfork's fave one-liner of the Pitchfork's was when Roethlisberger completed that 20-yard pass to #85 Nate Washington and I asked, "WHAT is a Nate Washington?"
Oh, sure ... THAT Nate Washington.
From THAT Tiffin University.
Just a short, 13-mile trip east of Findlay on U.S. 224.
Kinda makes ya wonder if Big Ben recruited the kid outta some Nowheresville, Ohio rec league.
As long as he latches onto the spirals and doesn't cough up the pelota, sure ... he can be Nate Washington (wink) from Tiffin University (wink, wink) all he wants.

On to Motown ...

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