Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wacky Steeler draft picks

It was worth it during this past week to hear ESPN replay more than 50 times the Steelers radio play-by-play and the Colts radio play-by-play of Vanderjagt's missed field goal.
Naturally, the Steelers color guy, Tunch Ilkin, is the former Steeler lineman and a journalism major from Indiana State, so he didn't completely lose his marbles and have an on-air orgasm when the kick sailed 20 yards wide right.
However, the Colts radio color guy is Ted Marchibroda and to hear him muttering and moaning, jeez ... it sounded like what your grandpa sounds like when you take him golfing and his first tee shot of the day has all the accuracy and distance of Vanderjagt's gak-job.
46 yards ... and into the woods ...

A groan, a sigh, another groan, something like "Oh, no ... " and then (sigh) something like, "Gee whiz ... "

We, as a nation, expect more from Marchibroda. For example, when the teams were lining up for that deciding kick, Ted coulda said, "Hey, everybody out there in Radioland, did you know that the Steelers made me the fifth overall pick of the 1953 draft?"
Yup ... it's Ted's job to make us never forget that '53 draft ... when the Steelers took a chance on that QB from the football factory known as the University of Detroit. The Steelers made their second-round pick future Hall of Famer running back John Henry Johnson (who was better than Frenchy Fuqua or Bam Morris ... no, really).

In that Draft of '53, the rival Browns made future Hall of Famer Chuck Noll out of Dayton a 20th-round pick.
"T-March" or "Brode" (or whatever it is they called him back then) did such a bang-up job at QB that Steelers made the No. 1 overall pick of the '54 draft somebody named Gary Glick. Then, in the '55 draft, they wasted a 9th-round pick on somebody named Johnny Unitas and, two years later, selecting with the No. 5 overall pick, they chose somebody named Len Dawson.

I can't remember if any of those guys panned out.

Anyway, if Ted Marchibroda didn't feel like discussing Steeler draft choices, he coulda said something like, "When the Colts got to within a whisker of the Super Bowl exactly 10 years ago, I was the head coach of the losing team standing on the losing sideline in Three Rivers Stadium that day."
Marchibroda ... what a bridesmaid ...

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