Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exhibit 15.g# -- "Mike Evanovich"

The lab boys have determined that "eeee-vann-ohhh-vitch!" is probably Slavic or Serbo-Croat in origin, but it's literal translation is: "enn-nee-budd-dee" can shoot the 3-ball. ///// Last night -- in case enn-nee-budd-dee did not have the Postseason Tournament TV package, Fairfield invaded Fairfax for a CIT first-rounder vs. George Mason in a game which, according to the Washington Post, was played before "2,062 disgusted spectators". ////// Mike Evanovich -- a 6-8 reserve who avgs. 6.9 PPG -- drained 9 of 14 treys (he's a 27% shooter "from distance") as the Staggerin' Stags fought back from a 63-36 deficit (27 pts.) and won in OT. ///// There can be no dispute: "GREATEST FIRST-ROUND CIT GAME EVER!!!" ///// Fairfield! //// Down 27! /// In Fairfax! //// Eeeee-vannnn-ohhhh-vich!!! seems like the poster child for the assertion that ennnnn-neeee-budddd-deeee can SHOOT the 3 ... and that same ennn-neee-buddd-deee will, once per season, register a 9 of 14 to go along with 0 of 6, 1 of 4, 1 of 5, 0 of 5, 1 of 9, 2 of 8, 3 of 8, 0 of 5, 0 of 4, 0 of 5, 6 of 10, 0 of 10 ... ///// It's a fairly common phenomenon ... except for anybody who wears a Winthrop jersey. In that breathtaking NCAA "play-in" game last night, the team which ranks dead last in the nation (347th out of 347 teams) in 3-pt. % (25.5) did not disappoint the 2,062 disgusted spectators who tuned in to the ballgame (while "coming down" from a crack-cocaine binge). ///// Wimp-throp drilled 2 of 21 threes -- a 9.5 percentage which could do damage to its 25.5 percentage. ///// Here's the deal: America has to decide for itself if this year's play-in game which pitted Ark.-Pine Bluff (the team which began the season 0-11 w/ 11 road losses @ UTEP, Okie State, G-Tech, Missouri, K-State, and Oregon to name a few) and the Worst 3-Ball Team Ever was better/worse/or whatever than last year when More!Head! defeated Chief Kickingstallionsims or better/worse/or whatever than two years ago when Mount St. Mary's knocked out Coppin State, which had a 4-19 record 2.5 mos. into the season. ///// In the end, it looks as though we're headed for our worstest CIT tourney ever.

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