Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Welcome (Back) To The Jungle, CHRIS ALLEN

Jumpin' Jehosephat ... the kid had ALL summer to work on his J -- and from what we can tell (by looking at the boxscore, as opposed to actually watching yucky b-ball on TV) Michigan State's Chris Allen needs to stay after class and write on the blackboard 100 times: "I will stop missing 20-footers, I will stop missing 20-footers, I will stop missing 20-footers, I will ... "

True dat: The only way that MSU's Chris Allen is going to stop MISSING 20-footers is to stop TAKING 20-footers.

We've seen/heard from the Disneyland Basketball Channel that Coach Izzo is one of this nation's most-special of the b-ball super-geniuses, but from what we've seen w/ own eyes re: Chris Allen is something along the lines of a problem child for the inspiration for The Izzone.

And, that problem is this: The last time -- before tonight -- that Clankin' Chris was "center stage," as it were, in a large arena, he was goin 0 for 7 on 3-balls in the NCAA championship game vs. UNC at Ford Field.

Tonight -- again vs. UNC (only this time, it was in the Dean Dome) -- Clankin' Chris went 0-6.

It's probably of little consolation to Clankin' Chris that his teammates, Korie Lucious and Kalin Lucas, went a combined 0-8 on 3-balls tonight, not to mention the fact that most of us think that Korie Lucious and Kalin Lucas are actually the same person/mediocre player.

Wait ... Kalin Lucas was the '08/'09 Big Ten Player of the Year???

"You mean 'varsity"?"

It's completely unfair to say that Chris Allen frickin' sucks, so maybe it's better to just ride this one out and wait 'til the "big dance" when this son-of-a-gunner really steps up his game and gives us a 1-of-8 effort that America can hang its hat on.

Let's not brutalize the kid too much, though.

He'd probably be the second or third sub-in for most college I.M. teams.


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