Monday, November 09, 2009

Best STEELER Win (In Denver) Ever (?)

Well, not in the "of all-time" genre ... because, after all, it was only 4 yrs. ago when the Curtain barged into Invesco and messed up Jake Plummer in the AFC Championship game.

And, we all remember how Eric Williams (yeah! THAT Eric Williams ...) picked off that Elway pass and ran it back to the 1-yd. line to set up the go-ahead TD which put the Curtain into the AFC Championship Game in Jan. '85.

Those were probably greater Mile High memories than what transpired tonight.

Still, given the circumstances of the Broncos' teenager head coach w/ his Belichick-inspired hoodie ... combined with presence of QB Neckbeard, "yup" ... this was mighty special.

And, a nearly-flawless 2nd half was capped by that quickie swing pass in the right flat which Hines Ward turned into a hurdle-over-Champ-Bailey TD -- although the friendly, post-pattern hookup between Big Ben and rookie Mike Wallace for the other knockout TD against that so-called vaunted D was special, too.

According to the recordkeepers who keep such records, the Steelers set a team record by scoring at least 27 points for the 5th game in a row.

That stat doesn't really mean a lot, considering that the 28-20 win at Detroit shoulda been more like 42-20 ... and the 27-14 win over the Browns shoulda been more like 41-14 with the total offense that the Steelers amassed (somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 yds.).

The recordkeepers also report that Tomlin is now 5-0 on MNF and 12-1 in games played in primetime, but, alas, we need to be realists and realize, realistically, that Tomlin's offense didn't look real swift during the first half tonight.

But, that's where the O can get a boost from the D, particularly when Tyrone Carter produces a pick six, assisted by Chris Hoke, of all people, shoving Knowshon Moreno into the umpire, thus, disrupting the rookie RB's pass route.

How many times do ya see that?
A backup D-lineman dropping back into coverage and shoving the rookie RB into the umpire?

That was kooky ... and maybe a little borderline illegal.

One day, Ziggy Hood will be using that move.

Before then, though, they'll have a good laugh over Hoke's shove during film session on Weds.

Unless film session is tomorrow because of the shortened work week, I dunno ...

The Broncos have some issues -- in fact, they had possessed the ball for all of 6-plus minutes in the second half until burning the final 1-minute-something following the Happy Hines Hurdle TD.

8 minutes of total possession time in the second half?

Funny thing is, we can argue (intelligently? logically?) that had Big Ben not coughed up the ball and then had not Polamalu knocked an sure INT outta Gay's hands, this one could've gone down as a 28-0 whitewash.

Maybe so, but then so, too, "if Hoke doesn't shove Moreno into the umpire ..."

And then if Polamalu isn't in the backfield, tripping somebody up for a 3-yd. loss ... and then if he isn't making the INT on a ball thrown to nobody, then ...

We need to discard "what ifs" and focus on "when dids" ... such as when did the Orange Crush go soft and allow a Terrible Towel invasion to negate a "we-must-protect-this-house" paradigm?

One might find that a little borderline illegal.
Maybe even unconstitutional.

But not as illegal or as unconstitutional as those brown helmets, yellow shirts, brown pants and vertically-striped socks which the Broncos have worn to re-connect with their 1960 AFL beginnings.

Tonight, they wore the orange tops when they shoulda been decked out in navy blue tops and navy blue trousers.

Anyway, "hey!" ... aren't you Mitch Berger?!

Last time we saw him, he was weari' his white Steeler shirt w/ yellow Steeler pants and he was floppin' to the turf at Raymond James in SB43, picking up a pivotal (but altogether unjustified) R-T-K flag.

Oh well, everybody has his/her own axe to grind.

Right now, Mike Wallace is making jersey #17 memories which Mitch Berger could only dream about (mostly because one's a WR and the other is a P ... notwithstanding the fact that w/o Mitch Berger's five perfect placements -- on snaps from Jared Retkofsky -- for Jeff Reed's 2 FGs and 3 PATs in SB43, the Cards woulda won, 23-19 ... right? >> it doesn't matter nowadays because Chris Warren and Daniel Sepulveda are no longer on IR and }}}} %%%%% >>>

Denver fans gotta pin their playoff hopes on Capt. Neckbeard, who, before, tonight, had thrown only one INT.

Sometimes, when we call him by his real name ("Kyle Orton"), people 'round these parts confuse Kyle Orton for Kyle Lorton, candidate for Maryland State Senate.

Some of us have shaken the hand of the wannabe state senator, although we've never admitted to him that we long for the day when he's shaking the QB's hand and saying, "Hi, Kyle Orton ... I'm Kyle Lorton."

And so forth and so on ...


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