Saturday, June 23, 2007

Loss No. 9,992 (Blame Game Victim: Pat Burrell)

We've gotta pin it on someone (and Adam Eaton is a repeat offender), so tonight's lucky winner is that $13-mil left fielder ... Big Brick Burrell.
Ever since he hit that HR in his first AB of the win over the Chisox on ESPN's Monday Night Baseball almost two full weeks ago, Burrell has gone 1 for 23 ... his average plummeting to an abysmal .205.

Since it takes approx. 27 seconds to break down the flaws in his swing, let's chew on the raw data instead:
After batting .179 in May, Big Brick Burrell has followed that up by hittin' .127 in June.

Poor little daffodil.
Unless an opposing pitcher is willing to either serve up (soft-toss or underhand) a pitch in Pat's 1-inch-by-1-inch "hot zone," he'll just continue to complete each swing w/ that overexaggerated follow-through.

Given the fact that he's NOT required to do much of anything which would cause him to perspire, it wouldn't shock any Phillie Phan if Pat The Bunny went ballistic and batted .234 in July to get that average up to .225.

OKAY ... so the 8-3 loss to St. Loo wasn't a pretty sight -- but, at least, the perennial journeyman, Russ Springer, got into the game for the Cards.
Remember that bang-up job Springer did for the Phils in '96? As a member of a staff which saw 15 different pitchers, Springer's 3-10 record helped get Fregosi fired.

The Phils woulda had better luck if Fregosi had allowed a Springer Spaniel, instead of Russ Springer, to take the mound in those situations.

If it's any consolation, Sunday's mound opponent for Colbert Hamels is the super-sub-standard Kip Wells (3-11 / 6.75).
After solving Anthony Reyes (0-9) on Friday, this one looks like a gimme.

Which means that the Cards will probably win, 6-3.

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