Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Burrell For Buerhle?

Phillie Phan has asked that question at least two dozen times ever since the recent (stuff) hit the fan in Chi-Town about Mark Buehrle possibly being on the trading block.
What's sad right now is that there is no trade value for the Pale Hose in a "Burrell for Buehrle" paradigm.
Maybe if it was "Burrell for Beuerlein."
Or "Burrell for a rusty wheelbarrow."

The truth is: No one's going to pay for a one-dimensional player who has a swing barely suited for Over The Line or backyard Wiffle Ball.
And that's why the Phils are going to "pat" themselves on the back for sitting Burrell and giving the speedy youngster a chance to create his own Bourn identity, his own Bourn supremacy and, ultimately, his own Bourn ultimatum.

Just because they PAY Burrell $13 mil, doesn't mean they have to PLAY him. All he does is clog up the lineup and keep Bourn from gettin' vital race-for-the-wildcard experience.

The consecutive game streak of 372 games w/o a stolen-base attempt will be put on hold.
Phillie Phan will get over it ...

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