Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Since the Phillies beat the Mutts at Shea and, thus, remain stuck on Milestone Loss No. 9,962, there's not much to talk about.
Unless ya wanna throw another log on the Imus fire.

Seems like it took wayyyyy too long for this Earth to have an initial reaction -- and now the ripple effect is intensifying, one week after one of America's Scariest-Looking Douchebags made his "nappy-headed hos" remark directed toward the Rutgers chick b-ballers.

From what we can tell, America is divided on the matter. On one hand, America is appallled.
On the other hand, America says, "That's just Imus being a rascal. Be glad he didn't use the N-word or the C-word."

One thing that most of us Americans can agree on -- without regard to race or gender -- is that chicks b-ball sure sucks.
We know that this is a sentiment shared by many Americans because too often when we'd check in for our weekly five minutes per week of chicks' b-ball, we'd stumble into an NCAA Tourney game -- and when we'd see some gal readying to shoot a free throw, we'd notice an alarming amount of empty seats behind her.
This ... in a game which was a so-called "regional final."

And, now that ya mention it ... who won the Women's NIT, anyway?
Why no love for the Women's NIT champion?

One of the more-amusing sidebars to the recent furor which could irrevocably tear this nation apart is the news that Imus will supposedly meet with the team at an undisclosed location sometime in the near future.
What exactly will that accomplish, C. Vivian Stringer?
Doesn't she know that these "Let's Create A Dialogue" get-togethers solve nothing?

Think about it: If this Planet called I-Mess "a deranged, bedwetting pedophile" (of which we have no proof that he is or is not), would an "understanding" be reached if this Planet and I-Mess had a coffee shop sit-down post-"deranged, bedwetting pedophile" remark?
If this Planet proclaimed that I-Mess and that "thing" he calls a hairstyle positioned above that "thing" which he calls a face is proof positive that hillbillies mated with billy goats, does a contrived meeting later on help to smooth things over?

Joe Jackson said it best when he sang, "Vegetarians against the Klan / Every woman against every man / Never one to one ... "

Giving the Rutgers girls some face time with I-Mess merely creates more publicity for the media mongrel. It's not as though I-Mess will "connect" with the Rutgers players and have some sort of an epiphany -- unless, of course, Epiphany Prince throws a punch and connects with I-Mess' eye socket and actually improves that beast's appearance.

It's not really a question of "Is I-Mess a racist?"
His comments prove that he is, notwithstanding the ranch he established in New Mexico for kids to avoid becoming a booze-guzzlin' cokehead like he once was (or whichever chemicals-of-choice it was which made his face all scraggly and jagged and weatherworn).

The issue for America isn't if we're racist -- it's a matter of how profound and prolific our levels of "Mommy, that person looks/thinks different than me."

Where do the answers lie, oh, Son of the Hillbillygoat?

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