Friday, April 13, 2007

The 9,963 Report: Glavine Locks Up HOF Election

That's the great aspect of the Phillies' voyage to Milestone Loss No. 10,000 -- this will not be accomplished by waving a magic wand, but rather through trial and error.
Painful though it may be at times.

Last night was like that. J-Roll hit those two homers to put the Phils up, 3-1, but 56-year-old Jamie Moyer was unable to make it stand up against Future HOF'er Tommy Glavine.

And, in other Phillies news, minor leaguer Hector Made -- the guy acquired from the Yankees for Sal Fasano last summer -- was suspended for 50 games for use of a banned substance.

So, as the team readies for a home series against the 2005 N.L. Champion Astros, at least they'll go into that 3-game set with the N.L.'s home run leader ... Rollins.
One-eighteenth of the way through this 82-80 season, Rollins is on pace to hit 90 homers -- although the Phillies are on pace to win only 36 games.

Somehow, neither of those trends figure to continue.

Or will they?

Interestingly, Krukker, on Baseball Tonight, said that the Phillies should bat Rollins in the cleanup spot.
Bat Rollins fourth?
Is that Krukker talkin' -- or is the Glycemic Index ... the phenomenon which made him not as disgusting to his wife as he used to be?

The jury is still out -- but if Kruk keeps adding more n' more gel n' mousse to that rapidly-reaching-mullet-status 'doo, the needle on America's Disgust-o-Meter will inch to the right from "kinda disgusted" to "the type of disgust which is more along the lines of contempt."

In other words, the sloppy, shaggy factor was cute in '93.
Not so much nowadays ...

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