Monday, February 19, 2007

CLINT BOWYER: Greatest Stunt Driver Ever!

When most of us saw the highlight of Clint Bowyer ending his day at the Daytona 500 yesterday by crossing the finish line while skidding upside-down on his roof before his 07 Jack Daniels racecar then slid onto the grass, tipped over on its side and then came to rest rightside-up as a mini fire flickers on the space between the hood and windshield, well ... that was our NASCAR-memory-to-last-an-entire-season right there.
Top that, Sterling Marlin!

That's really the only sports moment we can recollect from the weekend in which we pretty much boycotted sports and devoted time to enjoying the company of the Mrs. and the superdawg, The Outlaw Josey Wales -- except for that moment when we accidentally clicked the TV clicker to three minutes of the George Mason at Virginia Commonwealth WOMEN'S game.

Yup ... GMU @ VCU ... chicks ... on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.

"Mason on Massin" ("Massin" ... the loving reference for MASN) ...

In that 3-minute window of chicks b-ball, not only were there no dunks, but there wasn't a player who had the stones to attempt skidding upside-down on the roof of the 07 Jack Daniels racecar before sliding onto the grass, tipping over on one side and then coming to rest rightside-up as a mini fire flickers on the space between the hood and windshield.

Which is probably why there must've been a crowd of 56 folks at that game.

No lie, Sport ... the MASN camera angle didn't deceive. There must've been 8-12 fans behind each bench -- which means that it's a safe bet that there were 28-32 people seated near the midcourt stripe on either side of the court.

If you haven't experienced the thrill of acting as a fill-in P.A. announcer for an NCAA women's b-ball game attended by fewer than 100 fans (as some of us have), well, there's nothing that can match the excitement of the echo effect when you lean close to the microphone and, using your best baritone voice, inform those 73-89 fans, "Spartan basket by Sheila Brown ..."

Kinda makes ya wanna drive home after the game and skid upside-down on your roof and debate whether or not to climb out when the car lands rightside-up and the fire flickers between the hood and the windshield.

Engulf me, flames ... engulf me now ...

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