Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Black Thanksgiving's Black Eye

As more n' more of the details become public re: the Las Vegas strip-club shooting during the NBA All-Star Weekend (gunfire which may or may not've involved Pacman Jones) in conjunction with the Jason Whitlock's recap of the NBA All-Star Game's penchant for drawing a gangsta element, it's difficult not to look past a drop-quote from Michael Wilbon in the most-recent edition (week of Feb. 19) of The Sporting News:
"I call it Black Thanksgiving ... at the core of it are the sensibilities of African Americans and the parties we give."

Actually, that was a quote which TSN borrowed from USA Today in which Wilbon offered his trademark tagline for the NBA All-Star Weekend. Former ESPN reporter/analyst David Aldridge and former radio personality Tony Kornheiser used to kick around that "Black Thanksgiving" term all the time.

White America doesn't understand the sensibilities of African Americans and the parties they give. That's because all that White America knows about Thanksgiving is that at the First Thanksgiving, the pilgrims and the Indians sat down and shared cornish game hens, cranberry sauce, Ore-Ida tater tots and pumpkin pie.
It wasn't until sometime around the Third or Fourth Thanksgiving when the pilgrims, buzzing on too much white zinfandel, went all gangstuh on the Indians by shootin' 'em and slappin' 'round their squaws.

Eventually, the White Man would make amends with the Indians by giving them controling interest in several casinos and gaming rooms -- and all was forgiven.
"The End ..."

If it was African American gang-bangers involved in a shooting which severed the spinal cord of a victim in this case, well ... it's another sad occurence in a "Black History Month" which began with Lovie Smith becoming the first black head coach in NFL history to lose a Super Bowl.

"Thank"fully, shootings which sever spinal cords won't do much to deter White America from mourning the death of the First Lady of Topless Dancers ... Vickie Lynn Hogan (a.k.a. Anna Nicole Smith).

While CourtTV can't provide footage of the trial of whoever gunned down Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams on New Year's Day, coverage of the Vickie Hogan death/aftermath will never die.

Who benefits?
You do, America ... you do.
(And, that means YOU, too, members of the Iroquois tribe who are supervising the TV monitors which spy on the action at the crap tables. One day, Iroquois Nation will rise up and have a brave chieftan win every Super Bowl trophy which the White Man took for himself ... )

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