Friday, March 10, 2006

Halftime: Wisconsucks 19, Hooters 15

Only minutes after the '05/'06 college b-ball was dismissed as a complete waste of time, the object of our desire became the World Baseball Classic and the tourney action available for our viewership (after all, the sked indicated that the Netherlands and Panama played at 1 o'clock in Puerto Rico and the U.S. was scheduled to meet South Africa at 3, so ... ).

"Son of a biscuit!" ... IU and Bucky Badger violated America's personal space and, no frickin' way! ... is that 19-15 halftime score a typo?
Think about it: When the Hooters' football team played at Wisconsin last Oct. 1, the halftime score was 31-14.
On that day, one minute into the second quarter, Wisconsin's Brandon Williams was scoring his third TD of the day (one TD catch, one punt-return TD) by hauling in a 13-yard TD pass from John Stocco for a 24-7 Badger lead.
(Yup, even in March -- as the Mildness pervades -- is sos easy to discuss college football for hours on end)

Back on the hardwood, each team was 0 of 9 on 3-pointers until Roderick Wilmont connected for IU with 20-something seconds to play.
IU was also 0 of 4 from the stripe.

IU will end up winning, 57-53 ... and Lavs (or somebody with the same amount of nothing to say) will proclaim that it was a gritty, hard-fought victory.
At least Erin Andrews is decked out in lovely blue sweater today.
THAT is the only appealing individual on the floor -- but, go ahead, Lavs, pretend that you know something about college b-ball and pretend to explain diagonal passing against the 1-3-1 zone and pretend that we understand (or care) ...

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