Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Most-Powerful 010203040506070809 Ever!

Normally, birthdays are so trite and passe -- except for today.

Because today's symbolism of Biblical import has made it more than merely a birthday which I share w/ luminaries such as JACK LAMBERT (tied w/ Willie Lanier as NFL's best MLB ever ... sorry, Mr. Butkus -- and "get bent," Ray Lewis), KEVIN BACON (star of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon phenomenon), LERRIN LaGROW (known more for being the target of the bat which Campy Campaneris helicoptered his way during the '72 playoffs rather than the 8-19 record for the Tigers in '74 or 7-14 mark for the Tigers in '75, not to mention the 0-2 blight on the '80 World Champion Phillies' record) and JOAN OSBORNE (although we were born on the same day in 1962, I don't listen to her music and she doesn't read this weblog, so there!).

Anyway, at exactly 3.040506 seconds past 1:02 A.M. on this day -- and, I do mean at EGG-ZAKK-LEE (as in "precisely") 3.040506 seconds -- as well as at exactly 3.04050506 seconds past 1:02 P.M., the actual Earth Time on the actual Earth Scoreboard will read: 01:02.03.040506 on 07/08/09.

That's not a typo or an optical illusion ... it's a binary equation (whatever a binary equation is) which reads a mind-blowing 010203040506070809 -- and that's a helluva lot more-powerful cosmic force than what'll happen next year when it's 10.10 seconds past 10-after-10 on Oct. 10th.

101010101010 ...
How trivial.

What's happening today kinda makes ya wanna go out and buy a giant HAPPY 010203040506070809, EARTH!! balloon and carry it proudly as you walk about the dusty streets of this neighborhood which God has forsaken, doesn't it?

As it stands, 010203040506070809 is the only thing that some of us have to hang onto ever since the Mrs. refused to wait 11 mos. to get married, thus denying us the symbolic (and probably Biblical) 9/9/99 wedding day with the accompanying 09/09/09 10th wedding anniversary.

Some wives never understand -- and, besides, 010203040506070809 looks/sounds/feels a lot more cool than what'll occur two months from now (at 9.0909090909 seconds past 9:09 AM and 9:09 PM on Sept. 9 when the EarthClock/EarthCalendar will coincide with a significant 090909090909090909090909090909.

Whaddya mean, "big deal"???
When it's 2 1/4 yrs from now and it's 11.111111 seconds past 11:11 in the morning and/or evening, there'll be dozens of 111111111111111111111111111'ers out there (and 9999999999999'ers) who'll be WISHIN' they were as cool as 010203040506070809.

Which is why we're celebratin' today -- 'cuz we can't remember if we were this jubilant or cosmos-aware at 4-and-a-half seconds past 1:23 in the morning and/or afternoon on June 7, 1989 when the Giant EARTH Register logged an official 0123456789. Which won't happen again until June 7, 2089 when it's 0123456789 all over again.

As we're all waitin' for the next 010203040506070809, which'll occur a little more than 30 yrs. (in 2109) after that next 123456789.

If Earth can survive that long ...


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