Friday, September 12, 2008

ON HOLD: 600 In A Row For The WheelBurrell

Technically (and literally) Pat Burrell's current MLB record of "most consecutive games without a stolen-base ATTEMPT" reached the 600 in a row milestone three nights ago in that difficult 10-8 loss vs. the F-L-A.

Officially, though, The MLB usually only recognizes regular-season streaks, etc ... so, by removing the three NLDS games vs. Colorado last Oct., the 600 in a row landmark was supposed to occur tonight.

Amid enormous fanfare and hoopla.

'Cept the Phils-Brewers was rained out.

And, that might be a good thing, given that WheelBurrell can now pursue his record on the Fox Game of the Week.

As we're all painfully aware, Pat The Bat doesn't concern himself with flights of fancy on the basepaths -- because he's paid $14 mil-per to be the hittin' machine which earned him the "Pat The Bat" distinction.

Although he batted .181 in Aug. (notwithstanding that huge 3-hit, 5-ribbie effort vs. L.A. on the Fox Sat. game three weeks ago), he's lookin' to turn it all around during this huge Sept. push.

Sadly ... he went 0 for 3 vs. the Brew Crew last night, dropping him to .154 (4 for 26) so far this month.

Now, unless he goes crazy and hits something like .623 during these final two weeks, it looks as though "The Bat's" .259 career average will dip slightly.

This could make him less-attractive in the free agent market he's about to enter (unless he re-signs w/ the Phils, ha ha).

Naturally, Burrell's handlers will dodge the sensitive nature of 599 games in a row w/o a SB attempt.

It makes ya chuckle, though.

After all, in his two full seasons in Philly, Jim Thome was 0 for 5 when stealing bases (although he's got one or two -- last time we checked -- since he went to the Chisox).

Also, during the past seven seasons ('02-'08), Greg Maddux is 7 for 7 in stolen-base attempts.

It's quite the conundrum ... especially for those who knew The Bat when he was allegedly athletic enough to play QB for Bellarmine Prep and supposedly athletic enough to play 3B for "The U."

The talk around town is that The Bat has bad wheels ... alleged foot problems which are beyond the realm of "tough-actin' Tinactin."

To us skeptics, it sounds like a cop-out. For proof, we need look no further than Darren Daulton and his 11 knee surgeries ... operations which didn't render him a cripple (during his final season in the bigs, Dutch, at age 35, was 6 for 7 in steals and legged out 8 triples).

Although his triple in the 10-8 loss to the Fish gave The Bat three this season, everybody who loves the guy who goes commando loves the way that it takes two triples to score Burrell from first base.

Whether we claim that the 600th In A Row occurred three nights ago or we say it'll happen tomorrow, it's anyone's guess as to whether Burrell will be wearing Phillie pinstripes when the streak climbs to 700 In A Row.

That's what makes Burrell special.

He's the p-a-t in "basepath" ...

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