Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Echo's Alive!

At least, that's what David Duchovny's voice informed America on this, what appears to be the first day of airing NEW Pedigree Adoption Drive commercials.

When we first saw that TV ad dozens of times on Puppy Bowl Sunday, it forced some of us (yup, that's YOU, Mrs. PF7) to quip, "Echo's dead" when Duchovny's narration provided no clue as to the fate of the cute pooch whose face seemed to be offering a smile as his tail wagged and he looked out from behind the cage wire.

Some of us couldn't bear to imagine that the Mrs. was actually correct and that Echo The Puppy had met the same fate as "Mr. Eko" from "Lost."

O' yee, of little faith ... despair not!

We now know that Echo was adopted -- according to Duchovny's narration -- and, judging from the montage of images from Echo in his new home (which never showed the faces of the humans with which Echo was interacting), the little fella lives in home with a she-handler ... a she who appears to have a rockin'-hot bod (judging from the final scene in that commercial).

Nice job, super pup.

Bottom line: This is wonderful news for canine-loving America -- particularly in light of the fact that now we have something to feel good about going into coll. b-ball's championship weekend, one which will be marred by any incidents in which our viewership will cross paths with the big mutt which the Disneyland Sports Circus has employed to sit in the studio with that slobbering slob which the SPCA should've euthanized years ago (Digger Phelps).

Yup ... not even a Capt. Bringdown like Bob Knight can lessen the impact of Echo findin' a home with the she-handler with the rockin'-hot bod.

Now, if only somebody could do something about that worthless lapdog which piddles everywhere named Joe Lunardi ...

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