Thursday, August 23, 2007

International Walk-Offs

It doesn't get much better than takin' our minds off of the destruction of Hurricane Dean, the disappointment of Mike Vick and the demoralization of an Orioles pitching staff which gives up 30 runs (as it did last night) by watching 87 percent of the Little League World Series marathon during a Thursday at the office.

Four semifinal games stretching from noon 'til well-past-8-p.m. ... well, that's a lot of Little League damage.

And, while the walk-off homers by Curacao's Deoin Rosalina and by Japan's Junsho Kiuchi were the most-dramatic, they couldn't really compare to the line-drive HR that somebody named Payton Purvis clouted.

It was one for the ages.

While Purvis' shot was merely one of four hit by Warner Robins, GA players during the 16-6 rout of Chandler, AZ (a game which ended on an RBI single which triggered the 10-run mercy rule), his shot was memorable in the sense that it ricocheted off the covered bust of Howard J. Lamade beyond the outfield fence in CF.

"CLANK!" ... right off the forehead.

Payton Purvis conked the guy right in the coconut.

Not only that, but when America watched those replays of Purvis as he awaited the pitch, America probably noticed that the guy with the nickname "Publix" began his swing while blowing a bubble with his bubble gum.

This much is true: There'll be dozens more walk-off homers during LLWS games.

However, the probability of another kid striking Howard J. Lamade's statue-ized head with a line-drive HR is about 1,000-to-1.

And, the likelihood of a kid blowing a bubble while beginning his swing for the HR which skulls Lamade's bust is in the neighborhood of a million-to-one.

Probably the only thing wrong with Publix Purvis and his Warner Robins' teammates is that they are forced to wear gold tops with the gray pants.

Gold n' gray clashing in a horrific and egregious fashion faux pas is one thing, although it's not as disturbing as the NFL-sized shoulder pads inside Dusty Baker's sportcoat as he and the "Baseball Tonight" crew invaded South Willy.

To counter-act this unsightliness, the Japanese moms of the players were decked out in their kimonos.

Some of those moms didn't look too shabby ... and, naturally, it led us right to that expression: "Say, why don'tcha kimono my motel room later on."

As per the tykes from Japan and Curacao ... they're headed for a Saturday showcase for the ages, albeit nuthin' can probably match what they did today.

Thanks to the mighty aluminum wielded by Deoin Rosalina and Junsho Kiuchi.

And, Payton Publix goin' big fly off of Lamade's dome.

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