Monday, June 11, 2007

Squirtin' some Bactine on Loss No. 9,987

It's GOTTA be a record, right?
Has a team ever shut out its opponent (as the Phillies did on Sat. nite in K.C.), surrendered 17 runs in the next game (as the Phillies did on Sun. afternoon) and then shut out its opponent in the game after that?
Runs allowed: 0, 17, and 0.

Ya got an answer for us, Buster Olney (yeah ... that's YOU, college boy)?

These are the things that keep Phillie Phan up at night -- even as the night yields to sunrise and ESPN's re-broadcast of the Phils-Chisox game flickers out (as it is doing now).
This is the week of World Series rematches (Yanks/D'Backs, Tribe/Fish, Braves/Twins, St.L/K.C.) -- and we might've had another matchup in the equation if only the Chisox had conquered the Orioles in the '83 ALCS or overcome the Blue Jays in the '93 ALCS.

You're to blame, Bull.
You, too, Bo.
You're not off the hook, Black Jack.

Anyway, the Phils got that 17-5 loss outta their bloodstream on the flight home from K.C. -- and then Adam Eaton went out and got his ERA below 6.00 with the backing of those solo pumps by Burrell, Howard and Rollins.
Quite a buzz was created when Thome was in the on-deck circle in the top of the 9th ... only Terrero couldn't get on to make Jim the tying run with the game on the line.

He's one of baseball's most-beloved action heroes -- but, since this ain't the NHL wherein he can sign with some mediocre team which gets hot and wins the Cup, it appears as though Thome's not gonna get his name engraved on any championship hardware.

Which might not be such a bad thing, considering how engravers do a lot of engraving -- but, not always a lot of sports-watching ... which is why, even if he were to win it all, his name would come out as "Tomey" on the trophy.

Wait a sec.
A 3-0 win for the Phils means that they've won four games during the past week while scoring four runs or fewer -- this 4-1 run occurring after going 3-22 while scoring less than five runs at the end of the 'Frisco series.

Still, that doesn't make up for Bo Jackson's dismal '93 postseason (10 ABs, 6 strikeouts) ...

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