Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Black Day In Blacksburg

Usually, we limit our chat on this Planet to sports chatter -- and, that's no different today as we sift through what occurred yesterday in HokieTown.
For one thing, Mrs. PF7 wants to know where Marcus Vick was with HIS gun (Answer: "Marcus only unholsters his sidearm when he finds it necessary to secure the parking lot of a McDonald's" Punch line: "Only Marcus don't wear no holster.")

The shooting spree hit the Haystack Headquarters road show because two of Mrs. PF7's patients are pitchers for the VPI baseball team. Thanks to cellular-to-satellite technology, a Greenville, SC (home of the orange-and-purple) hookup with Blacksburg, VA (home of the orange-and-maroon) resulted in pitcher Robbie Waszkiewicz giving the thumbs-up that he, fellow pitcher Andrew Wells and the rest of the VPI baseball team is safe n' sound.
Robbie and Andrew are quality individuals -- but 32 other quality individuals weren't as fortunate when it came to some dickhead who put the "CHO" in "PSYCHOPATH."

When such dementia touches our lives (by the unjust taking of someone else's life), the sickness that afflicts sickos is painful. However, the CNN/Fox News/MSNBC summit which'll last until it's time to return to our national obssession with Britney is almost as brutal.
It'll be "What makes a pyschopath tick?" and "What were the warning signs?" and "How could we have prevented this?" until it's time to return to "Why did Britney shave her head?" and "Was Britney wearing panties when she shaved her head?"

Since there are no answers/solutions, the Mrs. is severely reprimanded any time she clicks to TV channels which explore the life n' times of freaked-out psychos (i.e. the deranged gunman, not Nancy Grace or LayKing, in case you were wondering).
Any time those media outlets cares to air bios on the victims, THEN we'll tune in.

Refusal to acknowledge the gunman's name or his lowlife existence aids in the healing process.
By I.D.ing this wack job, we're playing into the hands of the media who'll point out that yesterday's massacre broke the single-day, killing-spree records established by Charles Whitman atop the tower at the University of Texas in '66 and of James Huberty when he gunned down 20-plus inside the McDonald's in San Ysidro nearly 20 years ago.

(Note: Sorry, Dr. Phil ... Whitman and Huberty weren't desensitized, video-game addicts or rap-music degenerates)

Hopefully, Robbie Waszkiewicz and Andrew Wells will prosper in endeavors which extend beyond the ballfield.
No matter how their lives unfold, they'll never forget the day that tragedy occurred and robbed their fellow campus-mates of a future.

Their grief and rage is worth discussing.
What's NOT open for discussion: The life n' times of some pile of crap who knew how to shoot a gun.

CNN/Fox News/MSNBC will talk about it anyway.
Because it's easier to act all experty on things they know nothing about (such as mental health) -- instead of compiling interesting life stories about 30-plus victims who were actually worth a damn ...

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