Saturday, April 28, 2007

9,969 (Projections!)

23 games into the season means that we're one-seventh of the way through the season -- which means that we can take every Phillie stat after tonight's Milestone Loss No. 9,969 and multiply times 7 to calculate what we'll be looking at during the first week of October -- when the Phillies' 82-80 record will have some wondering what went wrong.

Yup, Dontrell Willis outdueled Adam Eaton -- and, oddly enough, Willis is on pace to finish with a 35-7 record w/ a 5.59 ERA.
Eaton, meanwhile, is on target for: 14-14 / 7.71.
Miguel Cabrera?
After tonight's 5-for-5 showcase, he's primed to win two or three Triple Crowns this year.

Just for fun: Pat Burrell stretched his non-stolen base streak to 324 games.
The apologists will point to the fact that he's on pace to finish with 7 HRs, 63 ribbies and a .304 avg.

But, wait ... if the Phils are 10-13, ummmmm ... they're NOT on pace for our prediction of 82-80.

They'd better get busy to avoid the 70-91 mark which is gonna get Manuel Labor axed ...

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